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1960 W.K.I.K.Radio  in Leonardtown Md   1961 W.N.E.X. Radio  Macon Georgia 1963 W.M.A.K Nashville, Tn.. Tune in and Turn it UP!
Frank Jolley first aired in 1960 at WKIK. Hired after his four years in the Navy he was offered afternoons 12noon - signoff on W.K.I.K., Leanardtown, Md. After  interning at W.P.T.X. in Lexington Park in 1959 with Gene Eike behind the Mike Jolley worked at W.P.L.O. Atlanta in 1962."Of the things that's memorable about a Plough station was the formatting of their stations. We had to write our show and put it under the P.D.s door before going on the air. As part of the W.P.L.O. staff that was rotated out Jolley Began looking for work finally landing 7-12 Midnight at W.M.A.K. Nashville. He also worked part time for John R. at WLAC Nashville and Jolley was also a top contributor to Paul Drew's Southern Music Survey
Jan 1965 - Dec 1966  W.K.B.W In Buffalo a 50KW  ....Next in '67 to KVIL in Dallas Miss Teenage Dallas contestants That was then where is now?
Arriving @  6:55 PM January 3rd unshaven and tired, car running in the parking lot Jolley dropped in to say hello. Ken Scott said "Hello you're on the air, that's the mike, those are turntables and those are cart machines, I gotta go! KBOX has a basketball game and he left!"Jolley's first night on the air was mostly music and Jingles. he was in shock and awe. Legendary Doug China and Bill Weaver hired Jolley at W.K.B.W in December 66. Jolley moved to Buffalo and preformed an on-air marathon over the year end and  it ended Jan 7th. On the air briefly at W.K.B.W he was sought by Bill Stewart for W.N.O.E. Fired by Weaver after 3 weeks on the air at WKBW, Jolley was the first voice on the airwaves of K.V.I.L. in Dallas another station attempting to take on McLendon's K.L.I.F. Jolley was heard airing on both KVIL AM & FM  via remotes, all the remotes! Chosen as Master of Ceremonies for the Miss Teenage America Contest in Dallas Jolley is pictured here with the Winner and the runner up. Both were also chosen to compete in the National Miss Teenage America pageant in 1966. The above KBOX Rating only shows that KBOX doubled in the daytime after turning to a country music format. If it showed nights it would show a sizeable drop in audience as Jolley had a 22 share at night compared to the new formats  12.
From Left to Right


T Bird, RICE, Frank JOLLEY

Bottom Row:

Patrick, Ward, Bill Holley

John Agar,Jolley & Drew
From 66-69 Jolley tried his hand at acting, appearing in three films as the antagonist or a teenage brawler, either way the acting is now immortalized on NETFLIX under the title "Night Fright" or John Agar, Darlene Drew and Frank Jolly Being one of the first American D.J.s  to discover Lennon and McCartney over a year before the Beatles invaded America , he records and sells thousands of 45 rpm vinyl records of a song titled "Misery" written by Lennon-McCartney backed with "Her Name is Joanna" written by Hal David .
REMICKS managed By Jolley, movies featuring Jolley  and movies in production. Jolley auditioning for a biker role.
Jolley and Drew with John Agar in '67 "Nightfright" filming day for night in '67 Jolley at WNOE in New Orleans 1968
With filming drying up in '67 Jolley moves to   7-12 Midnight at WNOE 50kw in New Orleans. With growth comes growth.
There are no pictures from KONO in San Antonio just airchecks.  Although Rick Reynolds brought Jolley from WNOE to KONO when the drivetime 3-7 pm rating  plummeted to a 24 from 29 and 32. Jack Roth (unimpressed)  didn't like Jolley and thought he'd sunk the station. When the 1969 April-May Hooper rating and Pulse Report ended Jolley was immediately buried on 9pm to Midnight  and much to Roth's surprise Jolley had taken KONO 3-7pm up from 24 to a 54 share on Pulse and a 39 share on Hooper. Both number 1 slots. The story continues with a very brief stay for Jolley at KLIF in Dallas. Hired by Ken Dowe to do weekends and vacation relief in the summer of '69 he leaves KONO to return to Dallas. The lure of California was too much for Jolley as he went directly to KNAC where his old comrade from KVIL Ron McCoy had just taken over as Program director. Jolley met with McCoy and the owners and began a weekend shift on May17th, 1970 which turned into fulltime 7-12 midnight airshift after two weeks.                                  This first picture of Jolley at KNAC Long Beach was taken at Woodstock pop festival hosted by the station. Jolley was one of the M.C.'s onstage with filming and audio equipment. KNAC and Columbia records helped put together a Greyhound Bus trip so 44 listeners could attend the pop festival.  

ABNAK Records of Dallas gave KBOX  an exclusive release of the 5 Americans song "Western Union" Frank Jolley was the 1966 Billboard Magazine Music Director of the year while at KBOX. ABNAK Records of Dallas sued the McLendon station KLIF for it's statement on the radio station TOP 40 survey claiming to be Dallas' Only  'authentic' Top 40 survey. Jolley was called to testify that the 5 Americans Record 'Western Union' should appear on the KLIF survey. Jolley compiled a top ten from the KLIF record shop reports in court and proved that The record should appear in their Top 40 survey at position 5. The court ordered removal of the word authentic or the addition of that record to the KLIF survey.

While they added the record to the survey KLIF never once aired the song "WESTERN UNION" on the airwaves.  The song peaked at number two on the American Billboard Chart.

When we were filming the picture to go on the KBOX album cover, John Box brought out a banner that read "What's all this Shit about Gorden McLendon" and we were photographed atop the Southland Life Building holding it. The picture was sent to Gorden McLendon as a Christmas Card. A Joke John Box  really enjoyed when both Jolley and Ward beat KLIF in the next Hooper-ratings released, April May 1966 the report showed Jolley 22.9 - KLIF 20.1, Ward 21.0 - KLIF 19.0 Jolley was offered 7-12 midnight at KLIF by Johnny Borders as Rabbit was moving to 3-7PM.

B.Ward, Peter, F.Jolley, Gorden, McChesney

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  KBOX in Dallas

Who is Frank Jolley? Frank Jolley is how he was known on the radio. Frank Jolley began his media career while still serving in the United States Navy at W.P.T.X Radio Station in Sunny Southern Maryland and ventured his way to Hollywood via the airwaves and K.K.D.J. - F.M. (Now K.I.I.S. - FM). Heard exclusively in Hollywood from 1970 to 1977 he then gained national popularity with his syndicated SH-BOOM RADIO SHOW. Frank attended both FIWI and The Hollywood Film Institute. While earning his way as both a disc jockey and M.C..(You may have seen him introduce The Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, AeroSmith or Bo Diddley and Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and many others including his Woodstock story <see above>), and an underground filmmaker of the sixties. He operated the midnight movie venue titled 'Underground Cinema Twelve' at the Art and Western Theaters? A place where very many members of the Producers Guild screened much of their early work.

On April first 1967 K.V.I.L. in Dallas, Texas. changed from it's Beautiful music format that featured such orchestras as Lawrence Welk, Montovani and Guy Lombardo to TOP 40. Jolley was hired as the morning man on the air from 6A.M to 9 A.M. "I remember it as if it were yesterday " says Jolley" I opened the mike and said Good morning Dallas this is Frank Jolley and I have an idea, and he played Lets Spend The Night Together by the Rolling Stones!" The switchboard was closed so it wasn't until after Jolley was off the air that the calls started. Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers offices were calling to lodge their complaints. The switchboard was inundated with angry callers. The station had been the source of elevator background music for years and was heard mostly in the professional offices of Dallas. In your imagination just think how it would be if you turned on your favorite station and went to make the coffee in your office and a screamer came on inviting you to spend the night with him. An Outrage! Threats, profanity, and worst the words "I'll never listen to your station again." KVIL was in a battle "they Thought" with KLIF the originator of Top 40 radio.  Jolley had left KBOX in Dallas when it was announced that the station was going to change to a country and western format.

Here's the kicker after about six months Jolley was fired because as the general Manager put it "You make too Much Money, hell Frank, you make more money that I do, so with that said I have to let you go. " and he was let go. 

Next Jolley went to W.N.O.E. In New Orleans another 50 thousand watt station that he'd grown up with.

7p.m. to midnight on one of the most powerful stations in America. Heard as far away as the state of Washington at night but mostly throughout the Midwestern states. One radio archive site has Jolley Listed as "A Midwest Rock n Roll Legend"' probably as a result of being on W.N.O.E. W.N.O.E. was good for Jolley, it helped him regain his confidence and he developed an alter ego "COUNT DOWN" the whacky Vampire of the New Orleans French Quarter. His nighttime was filled with other whacky characters too, there was the Count, and the Count's coach driver Zero Zorro and the Beautiful Vampiress Missy Francois, Glen Simms, and one of Jolley's College Instructors who Jolley Had adopted as a newscaster Ross Miles sometimes referred to as RAW SMILES.

W.N.O.E. made the decision to change format from TOP 40 Radio to an M.O.R. Oldies format and Jolley wouldn't fit in. 

Bob Magruder the station manager got on the phone and called his old friend Jack Roth the President of the National Association of broadcasters and owner of Radio Station K.O.N.O. in San Antonio and when Roth heard Jolley was ready to be on the loose, he immediately hired him for the Afternoon 3p.m. to 7p.m. drive slot in San Antonio. This was based on Jolley's previous numbers in both Dallas at K.B.O.X. and W.N.O.E. in New Orleans where he'd topped W.T.I.X. in the first book.

Jolley goes back to Dallas (here)

It was during his second stint at K.N.A.C. in Long Beach that Jolley made a significant contribution to his own career and had the foresightedness to see a boom on the horizon, namely cable television. In 1972 Jolley and Chris Thomas produced the first ever feature for cable television a ninety minute spoof on early black and white television that won a National Cable Television Association award for Cablecasting, titled 'ZEBRA9'. The show was shown nationally on the Times Mirror Cable Local O's. This set Jolley in motion to begin filming what Art Laboe wrote in his L.A. Free Press column "Jolleys First above ground movie". (Previously Jolley had made dozens of shorts ten to thirty minutes in length.). In 1973 with the success of Zebra9 (and a Cash award) Jolley and Company set out to produce the western feature JOHN WESLEY HARDIN. Jolley was heralded by EARTH NEWS as coming of age in an Independent world of moviemaking.

With John Wesley Hardin 'in the can' Jolley accepted the role with Hubert, Ducket, Mason and Dowe advertising agency to produce and appear in a series of both radio and television commercials. First he appeared in the Westinghouse WEDGE commercials as their spokesperson, then in the Hahn LTD Lawnmower commercials which both aired nationally.

In 1977 Jolley-Clark produced several pilots for the newly formed The American Cable Network. None of which were ever aired.

In 1979 it was back to radio and syndication was the name of the game. From 1979 till 1985 Jolley was regional manager of Drake Chenault a company known for it's highly popular and productive Special titled 'The History of Rock and Roll'. From there it was a matter of thirty six months before radio called him back to service. With the help of a partner from Hanna Barbera, Jolley set out on a buying spree, first buying K.K.D.V. in Eureka a small Northern California town then K.P.A.K in Redding another small California City.

Upon the sale of the radio stations Jolley again turned his efforts to producing and developed a syndicated series on Hometown USA simply titled "FRANK JOLLEY PRESENTS..." a twenty six week video musical half hour show targeted at the MTV audience in small markets where cable had not yet arrived.

In early 1992 Jolley produced 'The Young'un' another western feature and it was screened and picked up for foreign distribution as an official entry in the Independent Feature Film Market at the Angelica Theater in New York."

in 1998 Jolley slipped back to Radio and On-the-Air at K.T.K.Z. in Sacramento, Ca with a consumer oriented talk show until moving to 'The Arrow' a top 40 Klassic Rock station in Sacramento Until 2001.

In 2001 Jolley's script, "Top 40 - Soundtrack of the 60's" was selected and featured at the Independent Feature Film Market in New York.

In 2004 Jolley  became the Executive producer and Producers Rep of the Endeavor Productions film (Now available on NetFlix-BlockBuster etc.) Titled Elsa Letterseed. Also hired By Liberty Pictures to Produce a still untitled film in Pennsylvania which only went into Pre Production.

2005- 2006 Jolley worked as a Marketing Rep for the O'Hara - Klein Motion Picture Company of Hollywood to market their Producers services. 

Next in 2008 Aberle Films hired Jolley to represent their Feature film and as the ABERLE Company says about  "RAVELED" "if you think it's like the Muppets, it's to the Muppets as Snow White is to SHREK. This feature and it's companion tv series are in  pre production now.

Today Frank Jolley is the Past Mentor Chairman of the Producers Guild of America and currently owns and operates an independent film company that produces movies for tv and theatrically based films . He is in Citrus Heights California.



Jolley & Horse in 1972 with the help of Bernie Baker and Neal Williams, Jolley set up his own film company and organized a film shoot with 36 friends with benefits and they filmed forty four hundred foot rolls of film on a movie that was released as JOHN WESLEY HARDIN. Later in 1992 the movie was reedited and re-released under the new title "The Young'un", which opened to a standing room only audience at the Angelica Theater in New York City.

Frank Jolley was heard nationally on the ShBoom Radio Show. Every week the show counted down the entire top 40 of the week in which that music was first heard in the designated year. Hear the following hits and count along with us as we present the  ShBoom countdown of every year of the Rock & Roll era.




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(Side note in 1960 Jolley was on the air at both W.K.I.K. Leonardtown, Maryland and later W.L.P.M. in Suffolk Virginia playing these hits of the day. Here's an actual tape aircheck of his show in 1960.) (Listen here.)

 Jolley at W.K.I.K Leonardtown ,Md.   

 Frank Jolley first aired in 1960 at WKIK 1380kc. Hired after his four years in the Navy he was offered afternoons 12noon - signoff on W.K.I.K., Leanardtown, Maryland. After interning at W.P.T.X. 920kc in Lexington Park in 1959 with Gene Eike behind the Mike, Jolley auditioned while in the U.S.Navy and landed the airshift.

After a very quick stay at W.N.E.X. in Macon, Georgia Jolley was wisked away by W.P.L.O 590 kc in Atlanta for the 7P/M to Midnight shift. On The air against Hal Pickens at W/Q/X. 790kc Jolley 

Jolley worked for W.P.L.O. Atlanta in 1962. "Of the things that's memorable about a Plough station was the formatting of their stations. We had to write our Top 40 show and put it under the Program Directors door before going on the air. We had formula sheets that demanded that we play records in this order; Male, Female, Group and instrumental. This was a tough way to compete with Quixy in Dixie one of the top rated stations in the South.