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Frank Jolley C.E.O. of Marina music Productions hosted the nationally syndicated radio show SHBOOM Radio Show  from 1979 to 1988. This show was heard from Bangor, Maine to Southern California and many points in between. The ShBoom Radio Show aired in medium and major markets plus those little in between places. 

NOW for the first time Marina Music Productions is offering you a look back show weekend that will fit nicely on all oldies or nostalgia radio stations.

Marina Music Productions offers broadcasters the following:

 Here's what it is and what you get. The Program is digitally re-mastered and is prepared for your station's upcoming holiday blockbuster weekend. All the music, all the stories, all the interviews for the entire three or four day weekend is yours for a flat fee. You may run this Solid Gold Weekend on the either Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day weekend and never repeat a thing. Beginning with the music of the seventies with flashbacks to the sixties and progressing forward as a countdown of the top thousand you will build both cumulative and quarter hours with each progressing hour. Count on it.

 Any three or four day weekend can be filled with the Solid Gold History of Rock and Roll Weekend.  Whether this Blockbuster is to be used as a ratings event or a weekend special event for any special holiday weekend you will be delighted with how timely the material and music will be.

 Your Market will appreciate this ShBoom Solid Gold History of Rock and Roll Weekend and you're sales department will want the follow up series year after refreshing year. Sales materials for your sales department, newspaper slicks, (TV spots if you want them) and promos are all included in this SPECIAL programming. Unlike those syndications of the seventies and eighties who made their  solid gold shows and never updated them, this series is just that, a series that is continuously updated year after year, book after book, make this your solid Gold Weekend.

 The Solid Gold Weekend is hosted and produced by veteran Broadcaster Frank Jolley of major market fame (KKDJ-L.A. KNAC -Long Beach,Ca, WKBW - N.Y., KBOX - Dallas). Jolley who hosted both Today's Top 30 and The ShBoom Radio Show in the seventies and eighties is still updating his resume by adding your call letters to his with the SOLID GOLD WEEKEND on (Your Call Letters).



Oh yes you can get  the time life series and play them over and over and call yourself oldies but the big difference of you doing that and our format is just that the time life series is a bunch of records strung end on end.  Y.T&T. is not, it's music selected and especially formulated to perform together, why don't you just get a jukebox and put quarters in it and put it on the air? That's not a formula or format that people will listen to and not sleep through. 

Here's a sample of what You will run into when You hear our Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow format.  The Music America Loves Best. The format is color coded so your Music Director or D. J.s can get it right.

#1 Opener (From the Red disc)  up-tempo well known song only. Hard Days Night - Beatles

Jingle or Jolley's Bold Liner 

#2 Recurrent (top track that has just dropped into Oldies status <Green Disc>)  <Shake Your hips -Joan Osborn or song from bottom of Billboard chart>

#3 60'sOldies - (Gold Disc) Rhythm of the Rain Cascades

#4 77 Oldies -  ( Blue Disc) Dance Music-  Makin' it - David Naughton 

#5 80's Ballad - (White) You Light up My life- Debbie Boone

Music till :20 Minutes past the hour First Cluster- Spots - Promos- P. S. A.s' (if nothing else) Every hour.

:60's first (if any) followed By :30's or if you sell BING's* three :20's will air last.

Our formula is the one that the solid gold format originally embraced.. it does include instrumentals as well for fill into :20/:20 clusters. Originally Drake designed it to play as follows Male, Female, Group, Instrumental and Fast, Medium, Slow in that order and this format was not deviated from for fear of a call from the Crows nest. ( A rooftop gable from which Drake could see the control room with a telescope.)

Y.T.&T. is targeted to the 25-64 year old demographics which will make your 12+ numbers huge. This target is quite large but your vast music library included will gather them and keep them due to it's familiarity. That's why its the music America Loves Best.

Your service includes the Music, the training materials for sales and clocks that will shift for any time period - morning, midday and over-night, drive-time and evenings. The format is custom tailored for YOUR market.

* Many Broadcasters of today: are selling short :20 second spots (known as BING's) and packaging them together as a :60 second spot. 

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Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow is a complete turnkey station package for Music intensive stations formulated and formatted by Frank Jolley formerly of Drake Chenault and Radio Arts, plus 20+ years Programming and on air experience.

Jolley Brings to your station both Sales and programming expertise from Drake Chenault, Radio Arts, American Airwaves, Infinity and Salem Broadcasting. What good is formatting Your station if you cannot sell it? Jolley will personally visit Your  market and position your station in it's unique niche, he'll work to develop your sales department into a selling machine offering the uniqueness of the new sound in town.

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