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As a producer of Independent films you know the difficulties involved in getting your movies accepted by film festivals, seen by acquisition execs, shown in theaters, even in your own home areas. We've been there and done that too! We'll take the necessary shortcuts to help you.

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Now for the first time, even if you've made films before let us put you on the fast track and make your job a little easier. By letting us take some of the leg work out of it for you, you can concentrate on making your film into a movie.

What's a movie? A movie is a film with a paying audience

Frank Jolley opened "Films by Frank" an experimental film company at 6000 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood California on May 8, 1970 and began as an operating entity from The Art Theater in Long Beach, screening the Original midnight movie venue, titled Underground Cinema 12.

Films by Frank eventually became Zebra Films of Hollywood producing western features and television projects which later became A.I.P.,Inc.

Frank Jolley has over 40 years of experience in production, development, ownership and distribution. Frank Jolley has personally handled hundreds of films and arranged distribution and redistribution of films for such notables as Mike Getz, Michael Weise and Charles Braverman; including over one hundred and fifty films, shorts, features and television shows.

Have you been rejected by a film market? Did you have the ten to twelve thousand dollar fee to enter the film market? Are you a member of a film marketing association? Let us help you reduce your worries once your film is almost completed. We can and will.

We'll create the buzz! Show you how to create a mystique and most importantly get the trades to notice you. Press releases are of no consequence unless someone uses them,.! Right? We'll get them noticed.

Frank Jolley provides an initial consultation on a fee basis which includes a fact finder and game plan outline. On a case by case basis we participate in the production of projects of particular interest and quality. For more information or to book a consultation now call 916-281-8147.

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Key Benefits - FRANK JOLLEY:


Key Benefits, Inc.

Experienced producers, Frank Jolley works daily as a Producers Rep inside Hollywood providing efficient mechanisms for maximizing your distribution options. 

Jolley an experienced *producers representative works with clients to develop informed and strategic campaigns for their individual projects. 

When you're a client of Frank Jolley you'll enjoy a complete business package. The package can include a sweep from the idea/story and funding to a business plan for repayment of the funding, bringing efficiency and order to an often chaotic and cumbersome process.

 When you sign with Jolley, you'll streamline this arduous and time-consuming process of fund raising and sales, you're enabled to focus on the heart of your craft: developing material and producing your film.

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