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Frank Jolley P. G. A. / EXECUTIVE PRODUCER  offers a moviemaking workshop.

01/07/12 -- A moviemaking workshop is being held in Roseville beginning in May 2012. Television and Motion Picture camera training is being presented.  An Executive Producer in the motion picture business will produce the workshop with student members actually making a film over a six week period. The film will appear on the NET and on DVD for sale in stores. This will be your opportunity to put your name on the screen and on the international movie database as a moviemaker.


1/07/12 Roseville, California, A moviemaking workshop is scheduled to Begin the first week in Jan 2012 in Sacramento, 

California on January 7th,14th 21st, 28th, Feb 5th, 13th 2011 with FRANK JOLLEY Veteran Filmmaker and Executive Producer.

The workshop will be creating a movie from script to screen with all member participation. Members will learn the tricks of moviemaking from an insider. Frank Jolley is a past Mentor Chairman of the Producers Guild of America- San Francisco Chapter. Those with  experience will share their secrets with the more inexperienced members of the moviemaking workshop. The workshop will continue for six consecutive (6) Saturdays thereafter.

The Moviemaking  workshop is in search of new and unique talent  with little or no experience in film or TV..  Jolley says “It’s an opportunity for interested newcomers to develop or sharpen their skills.”

Former Mentor Chairman of the  Producers Guild of America—San Francisco Chapter, Executive Producer Frank Jolley will lead the series. The workshop will be from 12:00 NOON – 7:00 P.M. each Saturday in January and two weeks in February 2012.

Jolley, Executive Producer of feature motion pictures including ELSA LETTERSEED, The Young-un, ZEBRA 9 and John Wesley Hardin as well as numerous film features including NIGHT FRIGHT, television shows CBS' INSIGHT and numerous pilots.

 For further information please visit www.libertypictures.com  website or call 916-370-5307 to enroll.  

When searching for Frank Jolley's Movies on imdb  spell it both ways Jolley and Jolly*


*See Frank Jolley's movies on NetFlix

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