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Here is an original radio station aircheck: That is a tape made of the on air Announcer /DJ.
The original air date of this broadcast of this air check is thought to be late Summer Early Fall of 1968

W.N.O.E. 1060 NEW ORLEANS:  The Radio station was one of Americas first and foremost TOP 40 Radio Stations. W.N.O.E. was owned by Jimmy NOE the son of the former Governor of Louisiana.  Bill Stewart (renowned McLendon Broadcasting Program Director) was the Program Director at W.N.O.E. in 1968.  Frank Jolley was Music Director (previously the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Music Director of the year in 1966 at K.B.O.X. in Dallas Texas now on the air in 1968 at the 50, 000 watt broadcast facility of W.N.O.E In New Orleans, La.)

The 1968 W.N.O.E On Air Line Up was;

6 A.M. - 10 A.M. Don Wade, 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. Jim Stewart, 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. Dan Diamond, 6 P.M. to 12 Midnight Frank Jolley and the over nights were hosted by a revolving door of DJ's attempting to gain employment at W.N.O.E. (most Notably Mark Stone producer of EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART.)

This Show is Un-Telescoped: Telescoping* airchecks was how the DJ's of the day sent out tapes to other stations for employment audition purposes. The actual package would consist of a Tape, a resume and later maybe even a picture of the DJ applying for the job. (you may have heard the expression "He has a face made for radio".)

*Telescoping is the action of taking all but the intro and fade out of songs thus leaving the DJ in the sample to give a better example of the DJ at work. (those sent the tape have already heard all the songs). 

The idea being to get the finest aircheck you can put together and send it to as many Top 40 Radio Stations as have openings in a shotgun effort of relocating (in Jolley's case -He worked at 32 TOP 40's in the 60's & 70's)

This show has all the elements of the most popular radio stations of the the day; an energetic disc jockey, Jingles galore, loud promotions, Newscasts and even direct mentions of people and places on the air.

W.N.O.E. was a 50,000 watt A.M. radio station operating in 1968 on 1060 KC with a nighttime signal that reached as far northwest at night as the state of Washington and it skipped around the East Coast and at night could be received in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, North and South Carolina and further up the Eastern Seaboard.

On this tape you'll hear Jolley bellowing for a girl in Texas to call him now, announcing that it's "Denny Webb Day In New Orleans."

You'll hear Jolley creating his alter ego the esteemed "COUNT DOWN" and The Vampires' Driver Zero Zorro. Without recording the other voices Jolley utilized an echo chamber to be all the characters live and without preparation held conversations with both the Count and the Zero Zorro and sometimes with callers on the speakerphone.

VStudio 2010 presents Frank Jolley on 1968 W.N.O. E. Radio 1060 a Radio Archive Recording. Remastered for quality.


WNOE Newscast with Glen Simms

Jolley Theme  Jingle - HELLO NEW ORLEANS
                                                                   I Love You - The People
                                                                   ((Echo)))                      DENNY WEBB DAY
                                                                   I Feel Good James Brown

WNOE NOW SOUND SURVEY - WNOE Station Promotion. (voice by Dan Diamond)

                                                                   Don't You Want Me - Los Bravos

WNOE 1060 Jingle

                                                                   Kid Games & Nursery Rhythms - Shirley & Lee


                                                                    It Should Have Been Me - Gladys Knight & The Pips

                                                                    Journey To the Center of the Mind - AMBOY DUKES (Ted Nugent)

WNOE Jingle
                                                  'bit with COUNT DOWN & Zero Zorro

                                                                     Lightnin Strikes - Lou Christie

WNOE Jingle - The CITY that Never Sleeps - VIEWPOINT "A WNOE News Probe" (man on the street)


                                                                     The LOOK of Love - Lanny Hall & Brasil 66

Once you've listened to this tape you'll see why Frank Jolley who inherited at 5.0 rating (compared to competitor WTIX's 22.0 share) in January of 1968 had climbed to a 27.7 by the time the April May Rating was issued, but what is strange is that WTIX the main competitor for the Top 40 audience at night also went up to a 27.9.

FOOTNOTE:  TOP 40 Radio was created by Gorden McLendon at K.L.I.F. in Dallas Texas in the early fifties and with the advent of Top 40 Radio came popular disc jockeys one of which was Frank JOLLEY . You may have heard him. 

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