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The Quickcourse in Moviemaking is a movie makers guide to create a movie and help you the producer with a simple A-B-C guide to making a first film or video

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In recent years there has been an explosion of Independent filmmakers wanting to make movies. Many are wrapped in a dream that they have the next "FARGO", "PULP FICTION" or THE FULL MONTY" This book is designed to be a down-to-earth, practical guide to the craft of Independent Moviemaking, to help you the beginning filmmaker understand and realize your screen vision. Above all, we want it to be accessible and fun.

CHAPTER #2 TO BEGIN (Sample budgets)

Budgets, no matter how well planned, are not meant to be seen as the answer to everything. They are essentially blueprints. In this chapter we will look at how budgets ultra low, low and high, are made (keeping in mind that a good budget is one that works so well on paper that it overwhelms the producer (you)) and it doesn't end there remind me to tell you how to repay investors.

CHAPTER #3 The Quickest Course (Format)

This chapter gives emerging filmmakers everything they need to know about preparing a film for shooting. Shortcuts that have taken years to discover are revealed. We cover all the companies willing to do business with the first time filmmakers. Names and numbers.

CHAPTER #4 So Where's it at? (Just before the at!)

The organizing principle behind every good movie is what do I do next? This chapter will emphasize how to discover through use the resources that are readily available to you no matter where you are. Where is the starting point?

CHAPTER #5 Paperwork (Dreaded paperwork)

In this chapter we examine the paperwork that is a necessary part of the production from the pre-production meeting to the wrap and beyond. The paperwork world is more than just the location; it also includes the shoot the post and beyond, and vice versa.

CHAPTER #6 The Money

There are many things you'll never know about producing a film unless you do it yourself.You can read all the Michael Weise books, The 7 Art Press, and all the A.F.I. information available online and in the stores, all the CBS and Victor French trade on the market, but until you produce a picture yourself you will not grasp the real meaning, exhilaration and feeling of the final day of shooting, the cast party and the release of your first picture. Don't think about MONEY.


CHAPTER #7 The many faces of financing (Or how I invented the Atom BOMB)

Before you begin pre-production you must determine how much money you need then get it. Don't roll one frame of film till you have every cent you plan for. Otherwise you've set yourself up to fail. If you make a $300.00 movie have three hundred dollars in hand and budgeted before starting. If you plan a $500,000 movie have the financing in place before the first slate is loaded. In this chapter we examine the many forms of financing available to you.

CHAPTER #7 Who is the Producer?

This chapter will examine what the Producer's duties entail and how to accomplish them even if a forty person crew is betting this movie will never hit the screen.

CHAPTER #9 Writer, Writers Lightbulb !!!

Q. How many writers does it take to change a lightbulb?


An in depth look at the writer and his duties.


CHAPTER #10 The A Script (Includes Writers Agreement)

Spelling out the writers duties/expectations in the writers agreement is of the utmost importance and the enclosed sample writers agreement while made for the independent writer is just mapping out of his writing duties and how far his creative control goes, Use it but rewrite it to your own specifications, have an attorney read it in his free consultation.

Script Supervisor. Who needs one? You Do!

CHAPTER #11 I'm PayPal Verified

To Be Continued

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