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"Hello. It's been almost a year since I've had an opening for my services in LIFE Coaching. We start with an evening with Franke the Life Coach (and WORKSHOP TRAINER) Next we expand to a three day  day workshop as the economy improves again. 

 I AM A Certified Life Coach. (Certified by the Empowerment Institute in Rhinebeck/Woodstock, New York in 2007.) 

Are you in desperate need of help? One on one counseling and Life coaching is now available for you. 

Sessions consist of either twelve or 26 weeks and I specialize in the areas of Emotions, Relationships, Work, Planning, Male or Female Sexuality, Money, Caring for your body-weight problems, and or spirituality.

 Please email me first and allow me the opportunity to talk with you before you decide. 


This is not therapy but a personal one on one approach to any and all problems with powerful solutions for your life.

One of my original enrollees is now back to work after a 25 year abusive marriage that prevented her from entering the workplace.

 Another was a practicing therapist who couldn't get restarted. Having burned both ends for far too long. She'd become complacent and this GET REAL workshop re-ignited her practice after two full workshops. GET REAL workshop jumpstarted her career again and she's now "Tuning up people with imagined Therapy sessions.

Will you become one of our success stories? Call me today at the office number 916-370-5307. Thanks FJ


 LIFE COACHING is your ongoing partnership between you and your personal Life Coach who helps you produce fulfilling results in your  personal or your professional lives. Through the process of coaching, you will deepen your awareness resulting in your improved performance, whether in personal relationships, business, or just everyday life. 

In each meeting, you will chose the focus of your conversations, while your coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves you into action and you'll be given a checklist for accountability. Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus and conscious awareness. Coaching concentrates on where you are today, and what you are willing to do to get where you want to go tomorrow. A devised Action Plan becomes yours.


Some of the Benefits of Life Coaching:

You'll recognize and reach your goals

You'll reconnect with your passion and your creativity

You'll increase your energy and motivation

You can achieve your full potential

You'll gain understanding of how your mind works

You'll have the tools to understand and rid yourself of destructive behaviors

You'll build stronger and more fulfilling relationships

You'll avoid and alleviate depression

You WILL deepen your awareness


Contact me as soon as possible as the available slots go quickly. I only see as many people as time permits, no more than two a day four days a week.  Evening introductions once a month and three day workshops once a month. Please E-Mail me >>>here<<<.
Frank Jolley C.E.T.


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