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4/14/12 -- 

Get real Retreat,.. You saw it on Dr Phil on TV. Now you can participate in a weekend 'GET REAL Retreat' in Roseville with  Frank Jolley, Certified Empowerment Institute Workshop Trainer and Life Coach.  Will You agree to change your life?  Featuring the powerful exercise's that you may have seen Dr Phil facilitate. Become a fully functioning human being again and let the world back in. 

Enroll Now by calling 916-370-5307 or going by sending an Email to:


This event will be held in Roseville on 4/14/12 - register today seating is limited..


 Call 916-370-5307 to reserve your space in this eventful Life changing experience.  

This all day Get Real Retreat is scheduled for 4/14/2012. 

Space is limited, so RSVP today @ top40@vstudio.com or by calling

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In each of these life areas the workshop helps you:

• discover what’s uniquely meaningful;

• translate this insight into a realistic vision;

• heal and transform unconscious limiting beliefs that might prevent its realization;

• and build a new belief through affirmation and visualization to manifest your vision.

To assist you in realizing your visions
the retreat teaches you how to:

• cultivate the powerful core beliefs of self responsibility, trust in the universe, self esteem, positive attitude, and flowing with change;

• develop the attributes of personal power necessary to sustain your growth over time – commitment, discipline, a support system, inner guidance, love, lightness, and your own truth;

• and become skillful in working with the tools of affirmation and visualization to craft new beliefs.

In the seven life areas you learn how to:

• deepen the quality of your relationships by more vulnerable and authentic communication;

• nourish and enhance intimacy in your sexuality;

• achieve prosperity and the quality of your life;

• create work that is fulfilling and inspiring;

• develop a conscious and sacred relationship with your body;

• heal and release emotional wounds from the past;

• build your spiritual path around a sense of higher purpose.


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